Selecting Storage Units in the City

Self Storage Units are in high demand in the city. Small apartments and condominiums leave zero room for storage so most people have to find Self Storage Units in Brooklyn. If relocating to Brooklyn, get online and find Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn that allow customers to make reservations for a unit. Do this as soon as possible to ensure there will be a safe place to bring items that are not going to fit in the apartment.


Residents already living in Brooklyn who need storage should not wait to find a unit. The advantage here is local people can visit facilities and discover size options, pricing, security measures, and the layout of the units. Many storage facilities consist of several floors. Check for elevators and ask if hand dollies are available for use by renters. Another advantage is they can ask friends and neighbors what company they use.


Companies that offer three or four sizes of units are fine, if items will fit into those sizes. A company that offers a wide variety of sizes is preferable because renters do not end up paying for more storage than is needed. Several options also means different types of units. Some items require climate-controlled units to prevent damage. Some fabrics, solid wood furniture, musical instruments, and collectibles are common items susceptible to moisture damage.


Storage Units in Brooklyn that include amenities are a great find. On-site parking, freight elevators, motion-activated lighting, and daily access are not elements found at every facility. Elevated loading docks, indoor loading bays, and ramps are ideal in the winter months. These amenities are especially beneficial for commercial storage needs.

Saving Money

Facilities with decades of experience realize the value of long-term renters. Steady revenue, less turnover of units, and satisfied customers are pluses for cutting overhead costs and word-of-mouth marketing. Ta attract longer contracts, money-saving deals and promotions are offered regularly.

Some entail the first month free when a six to twelve-month contract is signed. The fourth month free after the first three months is another common one. A five percent discount may be offered for those who pay via automatic transactions. A percentage off a second unit is also found at some facilities. Depending on the needs, it is sometimes less expensive to rent another small unit than to rent one large unit.

In the absence of attics, basements, and storage sheds in the backyard, storage in the city is found in self-storage units. Do not forget insurance as most renter insurance policies do not cover items outside of the living space.


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